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For some reason it is hysterical to me (Patty) to leave funny or scary things around the house to get a reaction from my family and friends. These “THINGS” range from plastic spiders and snakes to rubber rats and severed arms. A severed arm once hung from my kitchen shelves for so long that we began changing the sleeve on it to match the décor of the holiday season! My kids have enjoyed the weirdness and my 21-year-old son is still hiding toy creatures in unpredictable places. Lisa has readily adopted this “tradition”; throughout our many travels together, I’ve found critters in the hotel bed sheets, closets, and suitcases. I have now become desensitized and blinded to even noticing her “surprises”. There will be times that Lisa shares with me later that she was waiting in anticipation for my reaction and was bummed I never even responded. I am aware that I often go through life with blinders on. I treat God and people way too casually, muddling through my day without truly seeing. I want to be more real, more human, more spiritual, and more faithful. I want to see all the wild things around me! What are you trying to see? Wait and SEE this week what our special guest, Kim Vogel Sawyer, will be chatting about. Kim is a best-selling, award-winning author with more than one million copies of her books currently in print.  She believes in the power of looking for second chances — a theme she’s captured with poignantly in her new book, When Grace Sings, the next book in her Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy. Kim says the series is based on one simple truth: “God gives second chances. We as humans make our mistakes, we flounder and err and build walls that seem insurmountable,” Kim reveals. “When we confess our wrongdoings and ask God to redeem us, He brings restoration.” Restoring our vision,

“I am not a statistic. And you know why I’m not a statistic? Because God doesn’t do them.”    –Tricia Goyer