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I (Lisa) love the Christmas cartoon, A Charlie Brown Christmas.  Four   generations of my family have enjoyed it now. There is a scene in the show where Lucy sets up her Psychiatric Help Booth and Charlie, in a state of depression, pays a visit, seeking wise counseling. After shaking her money jar and enjoying the sound of cold hard cash, Lucy begins by asking Charlie a series of questions, trying to help him identify a fear that could be a cause of his depression. Finally, after several inquisitions, she asks, “Do you think you have pantophobia?”  “What’s pantaphobia?”, asks Charlie. “The fear of everything,” Lucy replies. “THAT’S IT!” screams Charlie, knocking Lucy off her seat. Most of us do not struggle with pantophobia, but if we are honest, we all struggle with some form of fear or anxiety. It can usually be traced back to a certain scenario or circumstance that had a huge impact. Even if it doesn’t necessarily control or affect us every day, it could still be an issue that stops us from moving forward in an area of our life. The National Institute of Mental Health cites that 40 million adults suffer from some form of anxiety. Fear doesn’t have to define or control us and we do not need to suffer in isolation. We are excited for our dialogue this week on Girlfriendit Radio with our two special guests, Susie Davis and Amber Ancarrow. Author Susie Davis found herself stuck in a decades-long relationship with fear and anxiety after experiencing a profound tragedy when she was in the 8th grade. That day changed everything for Susie “I didn’t realize it then, but that was the beginning of my breakup with God. I don’t think I ever stopped loving him, but I definitely stopped trusting him,” says Susie.   She is the author of the recent book, Unafraid: Trusting God in an Unsafe World. Amber Ancarrow from the ministry of Bloom/Stadia lives and serves her community in Baltimore, which recently experienced racial tension and riots. Fear is not defining them or the community, and Amber will talk with us about what they are doing to love their city and promote unity. This will be a show about hope and restoration!
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