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Creating a Movement

First of all, this is not a good story. It doesn’t put me in a good light. But I will risk your impression of me and tell it anyway.   On this particular day I (Lisa) was in a hurry as I approached the drive up…


Let’s face it . . . as moms, we do guilt well. When I say “we”, that means I am including YOU in my little shamefest. That’s very kind of me. Right?          My (Patty) guilt was piled on due to school beginning this month.…

A Fifteen-Year Summer Tradition

Do you have summer traditions you look forward to each year? A summer tradition that we both share has happened in August for the past fifteen years: the Global Leadership Summit. Our church, Central Christian AZ is a satellite host for this huge event. Every…


Recently I (Patty) spent a delightful day hiking and conversing with a group of Student Pastor Interns. We talked about leading, balancing, passions, and struggles in ministry. At one point the conversation turned to “adulting”, and how it was that we were expected to be…
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